Thursday, 13 February 2014

Design Production Education (D.P.E) - Survival Island

What an exciting and engaging way to start the week! Today (Friday) Team 5 was split into their home rooms for their DPE (Design Planning Education)  'Excite stations' based around the context of 'Survival Island'. Here they rotated around the different rooms to learn about different problems or situations, and experiment with a range of materials or ideas. The aim was to spark their interest in a scenario to further investigate.

It was fantastic to see the students so engaged in the different stations with some good thinking / questioning starting to take place too!


  1. Wasn't DPE fun!?! I think the idea of getting a 3d printer is so cool!!!

  2. I liked all the different ideas at each station, especially the Survival Island Super hero because I like the idea of having someone to look up to and I also like designing costumes.

  3. Room 20 Please Remember to answer the questions on the Home Learning Tab.

  4. I enjoyed trying the activities on the stations ,like carving wood, water transferring and building things(bridges,huts and etc). I liked the idea of getting a 3D printer, so exciting!

  5. I enjoyed the DPE stations because it is quite different to tech last year. I really liked the 3d printer and it would be cool to learn how to use it.

  6. I really liked trying different things at DPE, especially driftwood technology. Although I didn't get to try the woodwork ststion I think there would be something in it for me.

  7. The D.P.E activities were amazing because they were different things that you wouldn't usually do, but the station that stood out to me was Mr Taylor's class because there are very different to the usual things that people do so it sounds interesting and I want to try it to learn new skills.

  8. Ok here is my reflection:

    A1: For DPE, I really enjoyed how the subjects you learn are completely different from the subjects you would learn on a normal school day, e.g. maths, spelling, e.t.c.

    A2: I liked Art best. I worked at the 'whittling' station, where you had to shape a regular block of driftwood into a raft, using a Stanley knife. I enjoyed being able to turn a normal block of wood into something completely different.

    A3: The subject I think would be most useful to me in the future is probably soft materials, because this involves sewing and creating things from, well, soft materials, so you can make all kinds of clothes, notebooks, heaps of stuff. Also hard materials for the same kinds of reasons. I can't judge cooking because I haven't done it yet, but I think it would be useful to learn how to cook meals.
    From Florence.

  9. The driftwood tech was awesome like unspeakably awesome.

  10. I think (out of the ones i have tried so far) that the one with the blueprints (in Miss Fa's room) was the most interesting one for for me because I love architecture but I can't wait to try Mr McQueen's DPE because I loved hard tech last year.

  11. A1. I really enjoyed going round the DPE stations and seeing all the cool ideas that got me thinking.

    A2. The stations that interested me the most were Castaway Shack and The 3D printer. I liked the Castaway shack because I am interested in architecture and the 3D printer because I have worked with it before and enjoyed it. (Also, you can do really cool stuff with it!)

    A3. I think the station that will help me most is the one about make new clothes from old, as I am going to use my DPE time to plan and make props and costumes from the script I am working on.

  12. I loved our 1st session on DPE. I am thinking about doing Performing arts make a movie because last year I enjoyed doing performing arts. I also like visual arts activities and hard tech build a shelter.

    The Activation Station I enjoyed the most was the Castaway Shack in DPE Suite 4, the Performing Arts room with Miss Fa. I thought of designing my shack on the computer and then printing it out with the 3D printer. I would like to work with my friend Charlotte but I'm not sure if I can. I'm enjoying doing all the different activities and look forward to working on my project. It's interesting to see how everything relates to our topic, "Survival".

  14. What did you enjoy about the DPE stations? - I enjoyed the twist to last year so now that you can get a small taste of what you will be doing and how it works so if you want to you can search it up or get a chance to see whether you are interested or not.

    What station interested you the most? - I liked the 3D printer station because it was amazing that such  things could be created out of thin strips of plastic. My only question was.... how would you refill it?

    What station do you think would be the most useful to you? - It think designing a house on blueprints would be one that is useful to me because it would be good to study architecture and learn how houses work for when you get your own house

  15. I enjoyed writing my questions and ideas because I have lots of ideas so it's exciting what am I going to do!
    I liked Food technology the most because I like cooking and creating / designing. I think I want to make a diary for growing plants for Natural Supermarket and while I'm doing that I maybe want to do art - Soft material but I did't been there yet.
    I think Food technology and Hard material is important for survival because you need food / water and to know how to cook it in survival. For Hard material you need to know things like making shelter or knife.

  16. Woops, i wrote it into my week 3 home learning blog instead!

    Here it is:

    Reflect on your Friday DPE session.
    I enjoyed it, but I thought it was a bit confusing, because i hadn’t had a lesson like that before.
    - What did you really enjoy about the DPE stations?
    I enjoyed being able to choose which stations i liked, and having so many different options.
    - Which stations interested you the most? Why?
    I liked the stations in the hard materials, and the cooking suite best so far. However, I haven't tried the art suite yet, and i enjoyed others too.
    - Which station do you think would be the most useful to you?
    I’m not sure yet, but i think that the ones about building a shack and getting clean water were very interesting.

  17. That was before I did the art suite on Friday.