Sunday, 22 June 2014

Chemistry Practical Application - The Food Challenge

It is now time to implement our chemistry knowledge in a practical way. The context is FOOD.  
Through a carefully planned process, in teams, we will be creating three dishes that contain a range of scientific processes.
Students should be able show that they have an understanding of the chemistry involved in the food presented: 
Physical and chemical changes, state change, homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures.  conditions that creating physical and chemical change,  particle spread and technical vocabulary is used eg. melt, evaporate.


  1. wow i watched tat well done mirella and may u guys are really good singers

  2. The thing that I learn't about cooking was that there is so much chemistry in just every day baking like when you’re mixing the butter and sugar together for cup cakes you don't realise that its just fill of chemistry wonders and I know i’m going to have such a fun time doing a cook-off in class then after really study hard to find out what is the purpose for all the ingredients and what part they play but my question is to Mr Eames how are you enjoying the chemistry

  3. We have accomplished so much this term but a definite highlight for me would be the inquiry experiments we are doing at the moment. I am really proud about everything we have done on the document and can't wait to actually cook our meals!!! Probably my biggest achievement this term is coming in the top 70 for cross country which was way better than I thought I would do!!!

  4. We have done lots of things this term, my highlight was probably the inquiry experiments that we did. I'm happy with the chemistry document, I can't wait to cook this afternoon. My biggest achievement was probably cross county cause I did better than I thought.