Monday, 13 October 2014

Making connections and establishing prior knowledge.

Students had to arrange the hexagons in sequences and clusters, justifying and explaining any connections made.

This approach provided a structured framework for students to use to progress their thinking and learning.  It encourages students to think about where they are currently with there learning, and what they need to do in order to progress. 


  1. What is the service or product? Apple
    A bit of research -
    What is the history of the business? Apple was established in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Their first apple “APPLE 1” product was designed and hand made by Steve Wozniak and it was first shown in the homebrew computer club.
    When did the business start? Apple went public on December 12th 1980
    Who started the company? Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. (Founders)
    Where did it start? Cupertino , California, United States
    How big is the company now? Huge! Everywhere I go, I see heaps of iphones,ipods and etc. They have heaps of stores around the country and heaps of stores around the world. Th company is very popular heaps of people have apple products and use them everyday. They have sold more than a million products and they will probably keep on selling more.
    What does the company do to promote itself? They do advertisments, in the ads hey say what’s new, what they added, why it’s better and they show the new product and how it looks.
    Why do you believe the company is successful? They have sold more than a million products ipods, iphones, ipads and etc. Heaps of people like their products and I agree with them, apple is quite good.
    Give the company some advice.
    Maybe do your own designs and not copy other companies because lately they have been copying samsung and android with the watches, bigger phones and etc.

  2. Task 1:


    One would imagine that Steve Jobs, the late co-founder and former CEO of Apple, had a household filled with iPads, iPods, and Mac computers at every corner. However, that may not have necessarily been the case. Jobs was a low-tech parent, according to The New York Times’ Nick Bilton, who had spoken with Jobs in late 2010. When Bilton asked Jobs how his children liked the iPad, Jobs replied: “They haven’t used it. We limit how much technology our kids use at home.” In fact, Jobs’ children didn’t seem “addicted at all to devices,” Jobs’ biographer Walter Isaacson said to Bilton. “Every evening Steve made a point of having dinner at a big long table in their kitchen, discussing books and history and a variety of things. No one ever pulled out an iPad or computer.” Bilton notes that other CEOs and executives in the tech industry share a mindset that’s similar to Jobs’. Former Wired editor and 3D Robotics CEO Chris Anderson and Twitter CEO Dick Costolo are among the tech industry executives that set restrictions and rules for how their children use technology. The question of how much technology children should be exposed to is one that parents have been pondering for years. According to a parenting advice column in the BBC, balance is the key. This means that as a parent, it’s important to make sure your child is balancing the time children spend using electronics with other activities they enjoy. While using computers and other gadgets, parents should make sure kids balance their time with educational programs and activities of their choosing that are just for fun. Bilton’s findings aren’t necessarily surprising for most parents, but it’s interesting to learn that even some of the most influential figures in technology place limits on how their kids use computers.

    Apple was established in Cupertino, California on April 1, 1976 and incorporated January 3, 1977 by Steve Jobs,Steve Wozniak, William Marshal and Robert Apple

    Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, William Marshal and Robert Apple

    Cupertino, California

    World wide
    Advertising EVERYWHERE

    I believe that apple is successful because the products apple is selling is what kids our age want and what is suitable for adults and work, also because of all the advertising and because it is a well known company that people trust to give them great quality products.

    The only advice I can give apple is to maybe make things a bit more affordable because some items are incredibly expensive.

  3. Select a successful business.
    Dunkin’ Donuts
    What is the service or product?
    Donuts, Coffee & Baked Goods
    A bit of research - What is the history of the business?
    In 1950, Bill Rosenberg opened the first Dunkin' Donuts shop in Quincy, Massachusetts. Dunkin' Donuts licensed the first of many franchises in 1955. At the end of 2011, there were 10,083 Dunkin' Donuts stores worldwide, including 7,015 franchised restaurants in 36 United States and 3,068 international shops in 32 countries.
    When did the business start?
    Who started the company?
    Bill Rosenburg founded Dunkin’ Donuts

  4. What is the service or product?

    Casting core website called Star Now. You sign up to it and people who make tv shows, model companies and musicians look at your profile and see if they want you for a job. You pay 30 dollars a month to be a user.

    A bit of research - What is the history of the business?

    It started with 3 people.They had a friend who was an actress who couldn’t find a tv show to work on and they created a website to help people like her who couldn’t find work on a tv show.

    When did the business start?

    It started in December 2004

    Who started the company?

    Jamie Howell, Nigel Stanford, and Cameron Mehlhopt

    Where did it start?


    How big is the company now?

    They have grown to 35 staff

    What does the company do to promote itself?

    Advertise on Google, Twitter and Facebook. Supports Beauty pageants.

    Why do you believe the company is successful?

    It has millions of users worldwide and is a great way to become famous.

    Give the company some advice.

    Don’t have any.

  5. Task 1: YouTube.

    YouTube allows people to share video’s easily.

    Youtube was created by three former Paypal employees in february 2005 and then was bought by google for US$1.65 billion and is headquartered in San Bruno, California. You is a very successful company and it is the largest video sharing website in the world. Youtube promotes itself from people’s videos and is successful from that.
    My advice: Don’t have any

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  7. Task One
    Business Inquiry.
    Select a successful business.
    My Business - Apple
    What is the service or product?
    Electronics and stuff like the itunes and app store
    A bit of research - What is the history of the business?
    Apple was established on the 1 April 1976. It was created to sell the Apple 1 Personal Computer Kit. The Apple 1 was shown to the public at the Homebrew Computer Club. It all spiralled up from there.
    When did the business start?
    April 1, 1976
    Who started the company?
    Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne
    Where did it start?
    Cupertino, California, United States
    How big is the company now?
    Humongous. In the first three months of 2013 it generated more money than Google, Amazon and Facebook combined.
    What does the company do to promote itself?
    Millions of TV ads.
    Why do you believe the company is successful?
    It is one of the largest and most well known electronics suppliers in the world. It has so much money that would be able to buy Netflix, Tesla, Twitter, Dropbox, Pandora and Spotify, and still have $59 billion dollars left.
    Give the company some advice.
    Become necromancers and get Steve Jobs back!!!

  8. Nintendo
    Consoles, games and other gaming-related products

    Nintendo was founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi on September 23, 1889, originally named Nintendo Koppai. It started out as a small company that made Hanafuda cards, cards used to play various Japanese games. The cards grew popular, and the company grew in numbers to keep up with demand. Fusajiro retired in 1929 and Sekiryo Yamauchi, his son in law, took over the company as president. In 1933, the company was renamed Yamauchi Nintendo & Company. In 1947, Sekiryo established Marufuku Company, Ltd. to distribute the Hanafuda cards and some other brands of cards that Nintendo had introduced. The company was later passed on to his grandson in law, Hiroshi Yamauchi. He in turn renamed the company Nintendo Playing Card Company, Limited, and their distribution company to Nintendo Karuta Company, Limited. Nintendo became the first Japanese company to make playing cards out of plastic in 1953.

    Nintendo made a deal with Disney in 1959 to use Disney characters on their cards. The cards had been considered a device for gambling, but by introducing Disney and selling books explaining the games that could be played with the cards, they would become a product for Japanese households. The change resulted in a sale of over 600,000 packs of cards in a year. The decision was then made to take Nintendo public, listing the company in Osaka Stock Exchange Second division. In 1963 the company was renamed again, to Nintendo Company, Limited. The company began to look at other areas of business. Between 1963 and 1968, they set up a taxi company, a “Love Hotel” chain, a company selling instant rice, and a vacuum cleaner company, and various other things, all of which failed. That is, apart from toymaking. In 1964, card sales stopped almost completely, and the price of Nintendo stock was reduced from 900 yen to 60 yen.

    Nintendo was now focusing on the aspect of toymaking, but were dominated by other, better known companies. But as you know, children quickly outgrow their toys, so new ones always had to be made, and this became a turning point for Nintendo. In 1966, Hiroshi noticed an extending arm in a hanafuda factory. This had been made by one of the maintenance engineers, Gunpei Yokoi, for his own entertainment. Hiroshi gave the order for it to be developed as a proper product, The Ultra Hand. Hiroshi saw Gunpei’s worth, and he was moved from maintenance to product development. It was soon discovered that Gunpei had a knack for making electronic toys, which were worth a lot more than traditional ones. With his help, Nintendo released many unique electronic toys, which sold for a far higher price than their previous products. In 1972, Nintendo released one of the first programmable drum machines.

    From that product evolved many more, simple toys with an electronic aspect. This lead to gaming consoles such as the Nintendo DS and Wii families. They also created some of the most famous gaming characters to date, namely Mario and Donkey Kong. It is now a very successful company all over the world that will always be popular among children and adults alike.

    Promoting: Nintendo sends emails with new releases to Club Nintendo members, but doesn’t do too much in the way of advertising.

    I believe they are successful because: They are, in my opinion, one of three biggest gaming console companies, competing with the Xbox, and Playstation.

    Some advice: Maybe advertise more among people who aren’t as familiar with gaming.