Good Learning

What does good learning look like?
What does it involve?


  1. When you are a group you need to think of ideas and help people when there stuck on something. Do not tell them the answer just help them find the answer. If they still can't find the answer then use a different strategy. This is what I think good learning is.

  2. To be a good learner you need to have positive attitude and able to share ideas and knowledge, also you need to be a good listener and good concentration and asking help when needed.

  3. I agree with you Anuraag and Ilyas.
    To be a good learning you need to have ideas, a can do attitude and need to be able to focus.
    You also need to be honest by saying if you don't know something and not saying that you do.

    1. Whoops....meant 'to be a good learner'!!

  4. To me to be a good learner you have to:
    > Contribute ideas and suggestions in a group situation
    > Listen to others
    > Being respectful of others
    > Staying on task
    > Being honest about what you know and you don't
    > Holding your head up high
    > Having a positive attitude
    > Being confident and not giving up
    This is what I think being a learner is!

    1. I strongly agree with you Lily. A good learner need to try and improve at the things they are not so confident in.

  5. Good learners always have a positive attitude towards new things and are willing to give things a go and will always try to push beyond the working expectation. By Daniel

  6. A good learner is always gives learning ideas towards the group or just by themselves!
    They also need to have a good attitude so they can focus on what they are doing!

  7. I think good learning looks like people putting their heads down and working well. It involves having fun but also mixing that with proper learning and discipline.

  8. I agree with Lilly and Rose .I think good learning is focusing, sharing ideas,staying on task, always being positive, being honest with what you know. That is what I think good learning is.

  9. I think good learners are people who contribute, be focused and share ideas. Good learners always have a positive attitude and try there best.

  10. Good learners:
    Are reflective,curious,creative,
    good at exploration and investigation,
    disciplined,and experiment.
    I think people should look up to them!

  11. i think good learning is where everyone is involved, sharing ideas, focused, and listening. good learners are creative and curious, and are on task.

  12. I think good learners are people who
    1. Have a positive attitude towards trying new things
    2. Practice and actually retain the knowledge they learn
    3. Are able to work well with others
    4. Are willing to participate ideas
    5. Respectful to other peoples opinions

  13. I think good learners
    Listen to one another's ideas.
    Communicate in positive way with other people
    Stay focused
    Share ideas with each other
    Ask questions
    Acknowledge their mistakes and try again

  14. I think to be a good learner you have to
    > Not be afraid to ask questions
    > Work well with others
    > Always have positive attitude to new things
    > Take every opportunity you get to try new things
    > Be focused at all times
    > And never give up
    That is what I think you have to do to be a good learner

  15. Nicola

    To be a good learner you have to
    •Listen to the people in your group
    •Don’t put down other people's ideas
    •Try not to let people drastic you
    •Have a good attitude to what you are doing
    •contribute to what you are doing
    If you try to do these things you will become a good lerner

    1. what does ''Drastic you'' mean?

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  17. I agree with what everybody else has said. I also think that to be a good learner you need to enjoy yourself and have fun while still staying on task

  18. A good learner is
    -Use their imagination
    -Work sociably
    -Work with others easily
    -Stays on task
    Thsi si what a good learner does

  19. I think that good learners should be all the criteria that Guy Claxton set out but I also think that they should also be able to do other things. Like be able to just knuckle down and work, they should know the benefits of homework and finally one of the most important things particularly at intermediate and college is to have good time management and organisational skills.

  20. I think a good learner is someone that is
    Works hard
    Learn from there mistakes
    Asks lots of questions
    Thats what i think a good learner is.

  21. I think that to be a good learner you need to be:
    A good listener
    Not be afraid to ask for help when it is needed
    Do the best you can do
    Learns from their mistakes
    Ask reasonable questions
    Can concentrate on their work
    and is confident
    That is what I think a good learner looks like

  22. I think good learning looks like everyone facing eachother, speaking and making sure no one is left out. Good learning envolves paying attention and listening when you need too. Good learning is about not being afraid to speak out and doing the best you can

  23. I think a good learner shows:
    Learn from mistakes
    Be sociable
    Helping people in need
    Can Produce good work Constantly
    Ask questions when they need help
    Thats what a good learner is from my point of view

  24. Alex U

    Good learning looks like engaged and enthusiastic learners, who are taking in information, and then are able to use and build on it. I think a being a good learner is making sure you pay attention, participate in team discussions, listen, analyse and to ask questions if you need more understanding. A good learner should be able to be use what they have learnt outside of the classroom. I also think that you need to understand how you learn in order to know what environment best supports your learning, and that a home and school partnership is really important for us to be good learners.

  25. I think good learning involves not being distracted, wanting to learn and good learners are adept (I didn't pick that word) at listening. Good learners can also encourage others to learn as well.

  26. I think good learning involves
    concentrating and focused on work
    listening to instructions
    asking questions
    not being distracted,
    Have a positive attitude towards trying new things