Sunday, 2 November 2014

LI: Generate, refine and present an innovative idea

Business Inquiry - Innovative ideas

LI: Generate, refine and present an innovative idea

Group expectations video. Discuss one message about working in teams.
Participation, everyone must contribute at least 1 idea each session
Listening, you must be willing and able to listen to each others ideas
Yes, and. Don’t shoot down someones idea rather add onto it or just accept it
Work together. 
Make sure every person has a role. Leader, scribe, time-keeper, discussion director etc

Brainstorm - as many uses as you can for a tennis ball in 1 minute

Select the idea the majority of your group thinks is the most innovative

Present this idea to the other groups - 10 minutes to prep presentation

Presentation Criteria
  • Clear and detailed explanation of your product (what is it, what does it actually do)
  • Convincing reason why we should purchase it
  • Evidence of persuasive techniques (e.g rhetorical question, emotive language, repetition).

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