Saturday, 4 June 2016

Raroa Innovation Network

I believe there are two extremely exciting buzzes in educational leadership. One would be observing students fully engaged in their learning and the other is passionate teachers, who are excited about what they are doing and are self motivated in the pursuit to strengthen their practice. (There is an obvious correlation between the two)

This is the motivation behind the Raroa Innovation Network and the providing of an opportunity for teachers to network and celebrate and discuss their on going progress, challenges and goals.

". The most useful insights and innovations often come from the ground up, from those who practice in a real-world environment and can experience the shifts in learning and student needs first hand. Teachers are largely untapped sources of intellectual and creative talent. As such there is an opportunity to lead change by transforming the culture and conditions of teaching, in order to empower teachers as learning designers and innovators." - Dr Simon Breakspear

Passionate teachers are aware of the need to adapt their programmes and practices and are looking for inspiration and a chance to discover cutting edge ideas in order to meet the needs of the students in their learning environments, to enable success now and in their futures.

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