Tuesday, 10 February 2015

DPE - Idea gathering and motivation.

Today, as a team, we had our first DPE (Design, Production Education) session. IDEA Generation
We were looking for innovative ideas to shape what we do and where we go for DPE
The Brief
All of us have our own identity that makes us unique and special. Our identity is developed from genetics, culture, family, values, personality, friends, likes, dislikes, habits, quirks etc
Your challenge is to design and create an “innovation” that encompasses a small part of the abstract theme “identity”. The design process must reflect a journey from your initial ideas, to thinking through how your final design reflects the theme, onto constructing using appropriate materials.

Key Questions
How do we represent our identity?
What does this look like?
How is Identity celebrated?
  1. Brainstorm / Mindmap
    1. Ideas,  questions, thoughts and comments
  2. Start with the obvious, then stem
  3. Provoking questions / Challenge and extend thinking?
    1. “Where could that lead?”
    2. What does that look like?”
    3. Who could you ask?
    4. Where could you get more information?
  4. Extend brainstorm
Collate - Make connections and start thinking about ones own challenge

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