Friday, 13 February 2015

What does good learning look like?

We are learning about identity, and a big part of our identity, you me etc, is that we are learners. Learning about our identity thus means learning about ourselves as learners.

First we looked at some research by a man named Guy Claxton.
He has put together a document which he calls “The Magnificent 8”.

The Magnificent 8 is a list of things he thinks good learners do.

Big Question
Why do you think it might be important for you to know what makes a good learner?

We worked in groups, so you can share our ideas including our knowledge about vocabulary and learning

After discussing and presenting, we went back into our group and summarised using photos of our group to support ‘what good learning looks like.’

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  1. a good learner is:
    .they have courage
    .good at exploration and investigation
    .not afraid to experiment
    .have a powerful imagination
    .are creative
    .know the virtue of sociability
    .they are reflective
    .they are respectful