Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Exceptional Explanations

Many students have completed an explanation on an environmental concern. They have done a great deal of work and are working extremely hard.

Students have:

  • Studied, discussed and deconstructed explanations.
  • Co-constructed and discussed the criteria for an effective explanation.
  • Listened to and explored a range of explanations.
  • Had a number of clinics and conferences, creating next steps.
  • Criteria assessed their own work.
  • Received feedback from teachers and peers
  • Fed back on the work of others in order to strengthen their understanding of an effective explanation and support their peers
  • Actively sort out feedback from a range of people including parents.
  • Proof-read and published.
Within the literacy programme, They have also been reading, debating, constructing, experimenting, explaining phenomena, researching, critical thinking and generally being awesome!

Anu receives a Principal Award for his outstanding efforts


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