Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Literacy - Thursday Focus session

Literacy - Focused Lesson

Learning Intention:
1. How can we use well-chosen nouns to add detail and meaning to a text
2. How can we add detail by using carefully chosen words
- Extension Opportunity, carefully chose words that add emotion.
Today we worked on our starting paragraphs. Our main goal was to hook the reader in with an interesting opening. Instead changing the nouns to add more detail. Then moving on to selecting specific words to add detail and emotion.
For Example :
The boy looked down at the horseman in the valley below.
The sentence is okay, but we want to add more description, so we add more adjectives

The watchman looked down at the raiders in the town below.

The pilot looked down at the explosions in the battlefield below.

The terrified Shepard peered fearfully down at the violent raiders in the village below.

Changing the noun can add more detail and in some cases starts to build a plot.

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