Thursday, 17 April 2014

A Wonderful Term.

I am really enjoying the positive hum of Room 20. Students are motivated, enthusiastic and happy. The year is well underway, routines have been set, expectations established and goals have been made. We are definitely in for a successful year.

I feel that camp was a huge success and everyone should be proud of their efforts and achievements. I am enjoying hearing and reading the personal recounts and stories. - Camp blog
A special thank you to Kate (Angus’s mum), Craig (Finn’s dad) and Heidi (Ela’s Mum) for accompanying us on this awesome adventure. Everyone really appreciated your support.

It is a pleasure being a teacher of a class with hard working students who are striving to reach their full potential.  

The busy Raroa environment is giving everyone the opportunity to excel, academically as well as in the wide range of opportunities available. I am loving the “I’ll give it a go attitude!”

It's time for a well earned break!

Finn Mit arriving home from camp.

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