Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Looking at Reactions (Science)

To explore 'reactions' we used food colouring, milk and dishwashing liquid. The effect was quiet impressive. We explored the results when using cream and low fat milk as well as water. Students had to come up with predictions as well as discussing the reaction. 
We also looked at a number of explanations into what was occurring.


  1. I really enjoyed doing this because it was fun and looked amazing. I learned that soap has the chemical to remove the fat so fat in the milk moves around and with the food colouring, we can see the movements. I thought that cream has more fat so it will move around more, but because it was thick it didn't move around much. For water it doesn't work because there is no fat in water. I wonder if it works on other kind of liquid?

  2. I really enjoyed this science experiment I really liked how just detergent could create such a cool reaction. I learnt that you had to have just the right amount of fat too much and it didn't move around much and was very slow. Too little fat and the food colouring just spread almost immedietely. My questions were is there a substitute for detergent? Also what would happen if you used to much detergent ( more ) ?