Sunday, 3 August 2014

Literacy - Setting.

WALT :We are learning to  Create setting, expressing ideas and experiences imaginatively and using effective and appropriate vocabulary.

TIB:This is because:
It is important to be able to express yourself effectively using the correct vocabulary and writing conventions. Especially important is the ability to be succinct and precise with what you want to say

At present we are focusing on responding to feedback and acting on goals.

Steampunk Town - By Ela
Eerily empty, the sleeping city stretched out before me. Years of pollution filled the air, making it a thick and opaque misty- grey. The silence of this desolate place was spine-chilling. The hair on the back of my neck prickled, as though I was being watched by unseen eyes. Tall, grey buildings loomed above me, devoid of life, strangely threatening. All of a sudden I wanted to leave, but something about this place seemed to draw me further in. Through the thick mist ahead, I saw the first sign of life so far: an old, ragged looking lighthouse, Mysteriously shining brightly, the only light in this eerie place.

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