Saturday, 8 October 2016

Reflection Michael Fullan U-Learn16

Michael Fullan

Michael Fullan, is a worldwide authority on educational reform with a mandate of helping to achieve the moral purpose of all children learning.

Michael works alongside educators and governments to change the role of teachers to that of activators of learning who design learning experiences that build on learner strengths and needs, create new knowledge using real-life problem solving and help all students identify their talents, purpose and passion.

Michael talked about systems change and working with clusters of school to implement change.  

Amongst other points Michael outlined that humans are innately wiring to connect, create and help others.
We need to amplify the innate characteristics in education.

Michael outlined whole system change strategies.
  • Accountability has a history of failure, not that you remove accountability, as positive accountability has an effect
  • Standards also do not fosters sustainability change
The major contributor of sustainably change is systems  and culture change

  • Breakthrough Leadership
Respect and Reject the status quo
Be an expert and apprentice
Experiment and Commit

"The dynastic duo and must be addressed in schools.
New developments in Neuroscience and new developments in Learning Environments."

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