Saturday, 4 March 2017

Sir John Jones - Leading Remarkable Learning 4th March 17

How great teachers and schools make a difference.

Sir John Jones was knighted in 2003 for his services to education. He has worked extensively in challenging schools in North West England. He speaks with a huge amount of passion. His messages are serious, heartfelt and filled with humour.
Sir John’s messages focused on making connections with people and teaching from the heart. He talked about the teachers who are the magic weavers and the power they have to make a real difference. His many stories and clips presented brought tears to the eyes of those listening.

“80% is about relationships and the other 20% is about relationships.”

Ubuntu - A quality that includes the essential human virtues; compassion and humanity.

It’s lots of little things that can create the new normal.

  • Become the asker of brilliant questions.
  • Change why?  to what?
  • Beware collective Nouns
  • Who are your Magic Weavers?
  • Reflection - Ask the question “What mistakes did you make today?”
  • Change the Script - Take care with your questions and how they are received.
  • No Invisible Students

Sir John spoke about the relentless pursuit of excellence, teaching with warmth, passion and righteous indignation. He also talked about mindsets and believing in students.

Sir John gave me an opportunity to reflect on same of the amazing students in my career, the connections made and what really counted and made a difference.

Jason Elwain - Avoid assumptions

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