Monday, 20 April 2015

Term Two Inquiry - Brute Force

Forces and Motion

  • Whether throwing a frisbee or riding a bike, every action requires a force to create movement. A force is a push or a pull that causes an object to change its speed or direction. Forces control every movement in the universe. Some forces act directly on an object such as pulling a sled, while others act at a distance, such as the force of gravity.

  • To lift a heavy weight, like a full suitcase, is really hard work, so big suitcases have wheels to make it easier to move. The weight of the suitcase has not changed, but it takes less force to move it using the wheels (Scientists use the word ‘machine’ to describe any device that makes work easier by changing the force applied to it.

Some of the key themes: Forces, Newton’s Laws and motion, momentum, levers and pulley, friction

There is also a focus on Design Thinking.

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