Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Science with Mrs Hart- By Liv

On Monday afternoon, the first day back at school, we went to Room One for science and we learnt about the uses of water in all different forms: ice, hot water, tap water and really cold water.

In groups we read a story about a hotel made out of ice! They built it using giant moulds and then joined the humongous blocks of ice together. We tried joining pieces of ice together, though our hands froze before we actually got them connected.

We did another fun activity too. Firstly, in groups of three, we got half a cup each of freezing water, boiling water and tap water. We then put in a drop or two of red or blue food colouring, though some people really wanted to mix them to make purple. We watched what the food colouring did in different water temperatures. My group worked out that in...

Really cold Water: The food colouring looked like small rain droplets going down and settling at the bottom of the cup.

Tap Water: The food colouring spiraled around in clumps.

Boiling Water: The food colouring expanded almost immediately.

A question we were left with was what would the food colouring do in salt water?


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  1. Thats a really interesting question Liv - did you experiment to find out the answer?